Wii Games Copying Made Easy

You may not know but that is possible. It is an easy way to
copy Wii games. You can burn a proper backup disk and save the costly Wii game
original disk.

You can also fix the Wii game by the means of some tricks. You can find those
tricks on the internet, on YouTube website, for example. Alcohol and banana
tricks are some easy ways to fix the scratched game disk. But those tricks are
fake and just hide the problem.

The sure thing is that a scratched disk remains scratched and you can not
remove the damage. It is as reparable as a crack in a mirror. Wii game discs
are very fragile and scratch easily.

So, instead of trying to repair the scratch, do a backup of the game disc. In
order to do that, you need to buy the game copying software. This software
normally costs between $30 and $50. So, this is not a big deal because it will
help you save money. The software is legal so you can use it without any
problems. You are not breaking any laws.

Don’t try to do a copy using usual DVD burning software because it will not
work. You need the special software.

The backing up process is very simple. You need to install the software and
then open it. Then insert the original disk and copy it on your PC. This
process can take from a few minutes to 4 hours, depending on the speed of your
CPU and the memory on the PC. After the game is copied onto the PC, you need to
insert the blank DVD and burn the game.

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and save money!

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