Pilates or Stretch for Back Pain

Back pain is something that everyone will experience at least once in their
lives. Unfortunately having too much back pain can disable us and prevent us
from living normal lives. Some people go to physical therapy and take medication
for their back pain others just take over-the-counter medication and some people
just live with the fact that it is there and try their best to live their lives.
Despite all of those options there are two that have been proven to permanently
relieve back pain if done on a regular basis. Pilates and stretching are the two
techniques that you can do to help alleviate your back pain.
Pilates has
been around since World War I when a man by the name of Joseph Pilates invented
it. It was originally invented to help certain soldiers with disabilities
improve their movements to their core muscles with very controlled and slow
movements. It worked and it still works today in pain prevention, weight loss
and strengthening. It is best done twice a day in five to ten minute increments.
You will be putting a lot of concentration on your movements so you should wear
something very comfortable that allows a lot of movement. You should not wear
shoes just a pair of socks if you would like.
An example of a great
stretching and Pilates technique would be to start with a basic back stretch and
combine with Pilates. What you would do is lie on a mat with your palms of your
hands and your knees touching the mat. Perform a general back stretch and
combine it with one or more of the basic Pilates moves. You could do this by
simply holding your stomach in while stretching your back. If you choose to do
this then you are not only stretching those tense ligaments within your back,but
you are also strengthening and lengthening your spine as well as strengthening
your core which makes for an even stronger back.
Pilates and stretching
can be done by people of all ages to help get rid of back pain. You can do the
movements at home or in a gym. There are videos and manuals that are readily
available to you most everywhere to help get you started. Stretching will always
help to loosen up tense muscles and when it is combined with Pilates there is
much more control and toning involved. You are releasing tension and healing at
the same time. Pilates exercises involve using the core to strengthen while
lengthening the spine. Once your spine is back intact you are going to feel so
much better.
The best thing about Pilates and stretching is that it can
be done by anyone. Just make sure that your movements are very slow and
controlled. Always follow instruction and do not ever try to overdo it
especially when it comes to your back. We all need our backs to function. You
are not going to believe how big the results are going to be when you perform
just a small amount of Pilates and stretching.

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author Steven Giles is a 55 year old former accountant who has been suffering
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