5 Tips How Pilates Helps To Relieve Back Pain

Most chiropractors and physical therapists recommend Pilates as a special back
pain exercise. Pilates uses methods that increase your body’s control, strength,
and flexibility. Pilates targets improvement of your body’s posture, which
naturally alleviates even chronic back pain.

Pilates pain relief exercises address any underlying imbalance in the body’s
structure. As a back pain exercise program, Pilates covers core support,
muscular imbalance, pelvic instability, lack of physical awareness, and poor
posture. This way, it is different and more effective than all other exercises
aimed at relieving back pain or preventing any injury in the back.

Take these 5 secret tips and get started now!

1.Gain good posture
Before getting into Pilates pain relief exercise program, you should be aware
about alignment of your body parts. You have to understand that ideal posture is
more of a dynamic process. Good posture depends on your physical ability to
align your structure in response to movements. In other words, create body mind

Thus, Pilates pain relief exercises must be performed with utmost attention to
physical alignment. These routines can facilitate uniform use and development of
muscles. This way, exercise movements can be performed smoothly, effectively,
and naturally.

2.Core strength development
Core strength is basically required to attain good posture. It is necessary for
making sure muscles in the body’s trunk are kept strong, flexible, and
functional. This way, your muscles are always supporting and stabilizing your

Pilates pain relief exercises help make anyone realize that core strength is
beyond the size and appearance of surface muscles. Pilates brings about proper
training of your body’s core muscles to collectively work to support and
stabilize your back. Thus, these muscle groups would eventually learn how and
when to necessarily release and activate the core.

3.Promoting flexibility
Along with development of core muscles, your back muscles get to work
harmoniously with abdominal muscles. This forms an additional protective
support for your spine. In the process, it improves the range of motion of the
back muscles. Thus, flexibility of the spine and of the back is enhanced so you
can move forward, backward, or sideward effortlessly.

Pilates pain relief exercise program can be controlled or adjusted to cope with
the preferred and required pace. It is customized to your condition. This
feature makes performing Pilates easier and more comfortable. It is also the
main reason why it is recommended especially if you are suffering from back pain.
And performance of this back pain exercise does not normally lead to back aches.

4.Increased physical awareness
Pilates pain relief method is considered an exercise that raises physical
awareness. That is because it can help you further understand attainment of good
posture. Whether the back pain is caused by an injury or a prolonged activity,
Pilates can bring pain relief through attainment of ideal posture. It logically
provides ideas on appropriate body movements and habits.

Physical awareness is a must if you are suffering from back pain. It brings
awareness to holding patterns in the physical and mental aspects. With that, you
can more effectively brace positive change not just to relieve back pain but
also to prevent possible recurrence of the problem in the future.

5.Professional Pilates instructors
Pilates pain relief exercises should be taught, guided, and facilitated by a
qualified professional. The instructor should possess the required certification
from a recognized organization and have at least 2 years of experience working
with people with similar background.

A specific program should be drawn out in line with your body’s condition with a
gradual progression towards recovery. The pilates instructor should provide
guidance on certain physical challenges as part of the program and work with
other healthcare practitioners like physiotherapists to make the Pilates
exercises safer and more beneficial especially to people with chronic back pain.

Joanna Ng is a certified Master Trainer Pilates Instructor with The Method Pilates. She runs an authentic Pilates Studio and has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She specialises in using Pilates for pain relief, myofascial release techniques, gryotonic to nurse many of her clients back to health. Visit her at http://www.pilatescentral.com.sg.

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