Back Pain Exercise: What You Must Know

Pain in the back takes ones ability to move and disable one to a very large extent. One finds it difficult to perform even the simplest of activities, which makes every second of ones life miserable. An injury to the back is, therefore, one of the most painful things possible to a human being.

When back pain comes to make your life hell, there is not much you can do about it other than trying to get some relief. However, back pain can be avoided to a great extent by taking proper care of ones body. All you have to do is just take a little time out of your busy schedule and do some physical exercises for the back. The exercises for back should include not only those that strengthen the muscles in your back but also the muscles that support your back.

Core abdomen muscles need a good everyday work-out to remain in good shape and to be able to support the back effectively. Sit ups and abdomen crunches are considered to be a good abdomen exercise that works to strengthen the core abdomen muscles.

Thigh muscles too must be exercised so as to make them capable of bearing some of the load that the back would have to otherwise bear alone. This relieves pressure from the back and does not allow ones daily activities to be too taxing on ones back. For thighs, squats are a good exercise. In order to strengthen them further, one might also squat carrying some weight. However, the weight should not be unbearable and one should be able to lift it quite effortlessly.

Before you begin your days exercises, an important thing to remember is the warm up. Do not begin exercising without warming up because a lack of adequate warm up may cause muscles injury, which could keep you out of action for days, if not weeks. A five-minute warm up is sufficient and walking makes an excellent warm up exercise.

Last but not the least, visit a specialist to get an exercise schedule designed for yourself. He would be able to tell you what exercises would suit you best considering your overall health, physical strength and stamina. You back is the backbone of your life; do take care of it.

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