Strategies for Natural Arthritis Pain Relief

Natural arthritis pain relief is helped along by following the four basic strategies outlined here.


What could be more natural than exercise?  There are a number of exercises which are specifically designed for people suffering from arthritis.  Basically three types of exercises are recommended for arthritis sufferers, namely, range of motion, strengthening and endurance.  Particular emphasis should be placed up on range of motion exercises, since these will assist in joint mobility and help prevent stiffness.  Dancing, for example, is ideal for enhancing range of motion.  As time passes intensity of exercising can gradually be increased.

It goes without saying that ber muscles will help support the joints.  Strengthening exercises should be undertaken on a regular basis, but not necessarily daily. Gradual build up of muscle strength is preferable to help arthritis sufferers reach the point where this debilitating condition does not inhibit daily activities.

While not all people with arthritis can perform endurance exercises, for those who are able, walking, bicycling or swimming are highly beneficial.  It is especially important, however, to avoid fatigue which can aggravate inflammatory arthritis.

Diet and Nutrition

Both older and younger people suffering from arthritis can benefit from eating a well-balanced diet.  Studies have shown that excessive weight, and the type of diet consumed can have an effect on arthritis symptoms.  At its worst, people suffering from severe arthritis may have difficulty in actually preparing the foods necessary to a balanced diet. 

Also, one of the conundrums in coping with arthritis involves the combination of medications and diet. It is not unusual for some arthritis medications to reduce appetite or cause the stomach to become upset.  Moreover, the pain, and associated depression, also can affect a persons appetite.  Regardless, it is incumbent upon the patient to strive to eat a wide variety of foods from the five major food groups in order to furnish the body with proper nutrition and enhance the immune system.

Weight Control

Excessive weight can have a negative impact on the body’s load bearing joints, particularly the knees, hips, spine, and feet rendering arthritis in these regions of the body acutely painful.  Effective weight control goes hand-in-hand with exercise and diet discussed previously.

Natural supplements

Probably the most widely used natural supplements for managing arthritis pain and symptom are glucosamine and chondroitin.  Glucosamine occurs naturally in the body as well as in certain foods.  It’s role is in the repair and maintenance of cartilage.  Chondroitin helps to reduce inflammation and to protect against further breakdown of cartilage.  Also highly recommended are the use of fish oil, together with vitamins A.C and E.


Taken together these strategies can go a long way toward helping provide a degree of arthritis pain relief and nomal daily functioning.  An overall strategy that always proves beneficial, is simply to keep moving.  When performing routine tasks throughout the day simply be conscious of the need to rotate joints and to make use of those parts of the body which are most afflicted by arthritis.

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