Bauerfeind Back Supports

back pain is the the leading cause of job-related disability and the
most common contributor to missed work.  Eight out of ten people suffer
from back pain and Americans spend an average of $50 billion on this
ailment every year.  Wearing a brace is inexpensive way to provide
support and prevent injury.

There are a variety of back braces
out on the market today, however, none can match the engineering and
comfort of those made by Bauerfeind. 
They are an industry leader in medical supplies that help people live
active and fulfilling lives at any age.  Their back braces are designed
for maximum comfort and support and come in two models.

The LordoLoc
brace is engineered to stabilize the pelvis, spine and lower back
muscles to relieve stress and pain while eliminating muscle spasms. The
adjustable tension straps are made with Velcro and target areas that
need more compression.  Made of breathable elastic, this porous
material adapts to your body form to provide the highest level of
support while still remaining comfortable. 

For more specific lower back pain, the LumboTrain
brace is the perfect solution.  Meant to assist with for lumbar
syndrome, lumbago, muscular imbalance, and ligament degeneration this
brace uses the combination of support and viscoelastic massage pads to
relieve pain and ease tension.  This brace is made of lightweight knit
that does not roll or retain heat.  The silicone inserts adjust to your
body’s contours to support and stabilize your muscles.  The raised
nodules help increase circulation by providing light compression to
soft tissue. 

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