Simple Steps You Can Take To Relieve Upper Back Pain

Should you suffer from upper back pain you might want to consider these simple actions in order to obtain some relief. Please note that before embarking on any exercise routine however, you should talk to your health professional first to ensure that you don’t do yourself any further damage.

Stretching is very important, it is something we tend to do involuntarily but it is recommended that you get into a regimen where we consciously stretch the spine to strengthen the back. Try doing this several times daily, when you initially wake up, after being seated for any amount of time and before you go to bed. It also has a positive effect on stress levels, frequently when we are tense and worried we tend to carry it on our upper back so getting into this routine will help alleviate our muscles getting locked up. If you want to take this even further, yoga exercises and Pilates are disciplines which are based upon stretching out the muscles of the body thereby strengthening your back.

Poor posture is a key factor in aggravating back pain, slouching while sitting down will put a strain on your upper back and neck muscles. If you’re female and well endowed make sure the bra you are wearing is the right size and is providing you with the support you need so that the strain is not put on your back making you slump forward. Keep your bodyweight inside your recommended Body mass index as carting around those extra few pounds is difficult work and often will affect your posture. Standing up and sitting straight will make you look slimmer and also will strengthen back muscles. Remember to wear comfortable shoes that allow you to walk correctly. There are many types of footwear on the market these days that are designed to enhance natural posture and also to correct any walking imbalance.

In addition to our waking hours, we have to think about protecting our neck and back when we are sleeping. It is important to make sure that the mattress we sleep on is supportive because if it slumps in the middle we will too! Many people recommend memory foam, it feels soft and comfortable yet gives the necessary support to the spine. Pillows are important too, memory foam pillows suit some people although personally my neck felt more painful after trying one. No matter which pillow you choose make certain you go for a good quality item that will support your neck comfortably. Your sleeping position should really ideally be either on your back or your side, lying on your front gives virtually no support to your spine and twists your head to one side so it’s advisable to avoid this.

Making these minor changes can have a positive impact on our spinal health so it is well worth integrating them into our daily lives.

David A Griffiths has extensively researched upper back pain relief and contributes to a good many online resources to assist sufferers.

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