Low Back Stretches for tight muscles

Have low back pain and/or stiffness??? Try this for instant relief!!!! Go to: www.intheflowyoga.com for more information.

Duration : 0:6:14

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  • papatintin:

    I was feeling ” …
    I was feeling “better” almost a fortnight back..now I am as good as new ..!!!

    Thanks again…..

    And as I mentioned before..if possible please upload more of such tutorials…or let me know if you have an instructional DVD of some sort which can be purchased online..

    More than anything else…my partner and I found your style of explaining the exercises to be really helpful….as breathing is as important a part of yoga as the contortions(..oops asanas) are ..your videos are easy to follow

  • yogajan06:

    New videos coming …
    New videos coming soon! Glad you are feeling better! Jan

  • papatintin:

    Thanks a lot for …
    Thanks a lot for this…!!

    I had a sore lower back for more than a week…I have been doing your exercise for the last 2 days and am feeling a lot better….

    Btw…why did you stop making videos..? Your style of explaining is really good…!

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