Chronic Lower Back Pain And The Adrenal Glands or go to How stressed and weakened adrenal glands can cause back pain.

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Are you one of the thousands of people dealing with back pain? Maybe you have the kind of back pain that can be endured. You bear with it, taking great pains to not make that wrong move that sends you into agony. Or, maybe its worse than that and you cant really function at all anymore.

Over the years I have found many natural treatments for back pain. I had to because I suffered from severe lower back pain too. At times I couldnt even walk.

There isnt a magic one treatment fits all solution to back pain either. At least I never found one. The good news though is that there arent very reasons for back pain, and there are many natural treatment options available.

Growing up, and into my thirties I lived an active life with sports, hard work and many activities. I was so strong that I never thought about having physical limitations other than the occasional injury.

It was a shock to me when I started having debilitating back problems. Mostly it was in the lower back though other areas would become involved. I wont go into the whole story now, but I ended up having several problems which included severe lower back pain. Western medicine had treatments for everything else, but I was left barely able to walk.

There were many times when I simply couldnt walk. There wasnt really a comfortable position I could get in. As I sit comfortably here writing this, Its interesting thinking about how bad it was. Things are so different now, its hard to believe that I once suffered like that.

What I did was look for a solution. I met a healer who invited me to observe him working with his clients. He used all kinds of healing methods, energy work, biochemical healing, supplements, diet and more. I learned a lot from him quickly. As I learned, I practiced on my friends who found great benefit. Eventually I had a practice going.

Over the years I have treated many back conditions. I both treat and teach my clients. Because of this I usually see them only three or four times before they are healthy and strong again. In that time they also learn about their condition and what they need to stay healthy.

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10 Responses to “Chronic Lower Back Pain And The Adrenal Glands”

  • grovermartha60:

    I have cushing’s …
    I have cushing’s disease- a disease that is characterized by over production of cortisol. One of the first symptoms I presented with was lower back pain! Amazing. Cutting out sugar won’t help me right now because the problem is much more serious than that, but after I am cured I will definetely follow your advice along with yoga to help repair those damaged areas in my back!

  • BOI8249:

    wat could we eat …
    wat could we eat then

  • galaxyangel5:

    Hmm, usually when …
    Hmm, usually when I’m idle with a backpack along my back (some books and notebooks, you know, the school stuff) then my sides (not literally the sides, but i can tell its a certain muscle just behind my kidneys/guts, I deem them pressure points.) Yeah, just being too idle i guess

  • Kalidasab:

    I’m sorry to hear …
    I’m sorry to hear that someone so young has such problems, but it’s more and more commen these days. Do you have other times where you stand for a long time doing something like washing dishes? If you get it at other times too, you may have a tight psoas muscle. There’s a video on my chanel that explains why this happens, and how to release it. Let me know if tghat helps.

  • galaxyangel5:

    Hmm, now i see, its …
    Hmm, now i see, its because of my massive stress (for a 16 year old.) to have back pains when I wash the dishes… O.o

    But whats weird is that, my back pain only happens WHEN i wash the dishes, is it much the same reason? weak adrenals?

    But either way, I think its because of the stress…

  • Kalidasab:

    That’s great, …
    That’s great, Padmay. You must be fairly young, that fast of a result doesn’t usually happen for people once they leave their 30s or so. Really glad to hear!

  • padmay1492:

    Well I followed …
    Well I followed your advice, I quit sugar and processed foods. I also took the vitamins that you recommended. In just 2 days, my lower back pain was absolutely gone. Your incredible, thanks and Namaste

  • L3madockS:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the information, it makes sense. How can I get my adrenals up again? I feel tired all the time, is that part of it?

  • Kalidasab:

    Happy to help. I …
    Happy to help. I hope you’re lower back pain goes away for ever.

  • gitanananda:

    Thanks Kalidasa, …
    Thanks Kalidasa, this makes a lot of sense. I was recently told that my lower back pain was caused by my weak adrenals, and a little more than a week after I started eating better and taking some supplements I started feeling better! Your explination really helps me to keep to my diet and supplements now. Thank you!

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