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3 Stretches To Prevent Bicycle Low Back Pain – Carson City Personal Trainer

A lot of bicyclists suffer from low back pain after a long ride. That’s because the cycling position shortens your chest, hip, and butt muscles, which pulls your hips and back out of alignment, causing back pain.

The 3 stretches that prevent this pain are:

1) Standing chest stretch
2) Lunging Hip Flexor Stretch
3) Piriformis Stretch

Use these stretches before and after your rides and say goodbye to back pain!

~ Luke Wold

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Low Back Exercises Get real answers to your most URGENT back pain, neck pain, or sciatica questions. Click here for instant access:

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Lower Back Exercises : Lower Back Exercises: Pelvic Tilt

Finding a neutral pelvic tilt position is important for any lower back exercises. Learn how to find and maintain a proper pelvic tilt position for a bridge pose with tips from a fitness instructor in this free lower back strengthening video.

Expert: Carol Childers
Bio: Carol Childers has been a physical fitness trainer for 23 years. She is experienced in yoga, Pilates, sports conditioning, core strength training and nutrition.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

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Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief : Relax After Yoga Back Pain Workout

Back pain relief at last! How to relax your body after exercise. Find out how to counter backaches with yoga poses and exercises in these free fitness videos.

Expert: Prarit Jha
Bio: Pratit Jha is a fitness expert who specializes in yoga and meditation.
Filmmaker: shagufta khan

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Los Angeles Chiropractor: Stretches for Low Back Pain and Sciatica Relief.wmv, Los Angeles Chiropractor, Dr. Nick Campos demonstrates stretches that provide low back pain and sciatica relief.

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