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Stretching exercise to help you ease low back pain

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Low back pain exercise

Birddog Exercise (Beginner version)

I wanted to share this very basic exercise with you. I have many more low back pain exercises posted on my website (

The Birddog exercise is essential for activating the muscles of the low back without putting too much stress on the spine.

To perform the birddog exercise start on your hands and knees in the quadruped position. To importance to maintain your abdominal brace throughout (flex your abs like your going to get punched).

Slowly extend your leg backwards while maintaining the brace and keeping your back flat. Hold for 5 seconds and then switch sides.

– hold the position for 5 seconds
– keep the low back flat
– squeeze your abs throughout the exercise

To Learn more exercises to help you get rid of your back pain you can visit my website at

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Back extension / Hyperextension ( lower back exercises )

Back extension / Hyperextension ( lower back exercises ): this exercise is vital to strengthen the muscles of the lower back, the lumbar muscles. The back muscles are antagonists of the abdominal muscles, for these reasons we recommend to train in proportion to the abdominal muscles is that the back muscles.
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3 Glute Exercises for Low Back Pain – Do you sit at a desk all day? Suffer from low back at all? Well check out this 3 glute exercises to solve your problems.

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