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Best Exercise for Low Back Pain: Basic Bridge

The Basic Bridge Physical Therapy Exercise Described by Toronto Physiotherapist Dev Chengkalath

An important component in low back pain rehabilitation is to stabilize the spine and pelvis while mobilizing the hips.

The basic bridge is an excellent exercise that accomplishes both the above goals.

Start by lying on your back, both knees bent and your hands by your sides.

From this position, brace your abdominal muscles without pushing your belly out or sucking it in. Basically, keep your stomach tight.

Contract your buttocks as you lift your hips off the ground and drive them towards the ceiling. Don’t let your pelvis shift side to side.

Focus on keeping your torso in the same position throughout the movement while hinging exclusively through your hips. Don’t sag or move through your back at all.

While squeezing through your glutes, try to keep your hamstrings or back of your thighs as relaxed as possible.

Slowly lower your buttocks back to the ground under control, with all movement taking place through the hips.

Remember to breath normally.

Key points:

-only work in your pain free range
-keep your abdominals tight for the whole exercise
-all movement should take place at the hips
-your torso should move together as a unit
-squeeze your glutes as your drive your pelvis up
-keep your hamstrings as relaxed as possible
-from the top position, slowly lower your buttocks down
-breathe normally throughout the exercise

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How To Stretch For Back Pain 2: Cat Cow Stretch

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Picture a cow in a pasture or a sleeping cat—could their lives be any more relaxed? Since stress aggravates back pain, take a cue from these animals and practice this relaxing yoga-inspired stretch.

To complete this How-To you will need:

Comfortable clothes
A floor

Step 1: Get on hands & knees

Get down on your hands and knees. Your hands should be pointing forward and aligned underneath your shoulders, and your knees should be aligned underneath your hips.

Step 2: Inhale & arch back

Inhale, and slowly arch your back over a count of 5, dropping your belly towards the floor and raising your head, chest, and tailbone up.

Tip: Don’t overuse your lower back muscles; let gravity do most of the work.

Step 3: Hold stretch

Hold the stretch for 3 seconds.

Step 4: Exhale & round back

Exhale, and slowly round your back over a count of 5, dropping your head and tailbone down and pulling your belly inwards

Step 5: Hold stretch

Hold the stretch for 3 seconds.

Tip: To vary the stretch, rotate your midsection in a clockwise circle as you arch up and then down. Repeat 5-8 times and then rotate counter-clockwise for the same number of times.

Step 6: Repeat stretch

Repeat the stretch 3-5 times in each direction.

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Lower Back Exercises to Reduce Pain – San Jose Chiropractors 408-996-8562
875 Saratoga Ave. San Jose, CA 95129
How to alleviate Lower Back Pain – Exercises
It’s Your Life… Live it in Health!

Dr. David De Salvo, D.C. and the staff have a genuine concern for your well-being!
Located in the heart of San Jose, the leading health professionals at the Saratoga Ave. Back and Neck Center are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives.

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29. Physiotherapy North Sydney: Lower Back Pain Exercise 1

Physiotherapy in North Sydney demonstrates an easy and effective Lumbar Spine Rocking Exercise for Stiff Spinal Segment

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How To Do Exercises For Lower Back Pain

This advice video is a useful time-saver that will enable you to get good at back pain. Watch our instructional video on How To Do Exercises For Lower Back Pain from one of Videojug’s experts.

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