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Exercises to relieve back pain

Dr. Holly Phillips spoke with Russ Mitchell on some information regarding back pain including common causes and why staying active is key.

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These low back pain exercises and this best exercise video will teach you how using this one position will transform over time your body from the bottom up. It will realign, strengthen your bone structure and its results over time are amazing.

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Back Pain Solutions

Taken from the Question & Answer section of the Gray Institute monthly newsletter, this clip answers the question of “can we use distraction techniques for acute back problems?” It is very informative for a better understanding of the different forms of back pain and how to “attack” them with distractions. Gary uses the True Stretch for his demonstrations. This great product was designed and developed for stretching virtually the entire body. It as well as many other functional products are available at

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Low Back Pain Exercises, Tips, Prevention

A short video regarding common causes of low back pain, and exercises that demonstrate how to fix or prevent future low back pain.

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End Back Pain: Stretchsitting

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Video by Frank Zamacona

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