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[WATCH]: Back Surgery for Disc Herniation Minimally Invasive from HalfDome.TV

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This is a video of a low back surgery for disc herniation. Also, known as a lumbar laminectomy.

[WATCH]: The sharks Slipped Disc

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[WATCH]: Artificial Cervical Disc Replacement – Prestige Disc

Rating: 4 Jeffrey J. Larson, M.D. performs Cervical Disc Replacement surgery.

[WATCH]: Cervical Spine Neck Care Part 4 Dr Matthew Brown Chelsanna LLC.wmv

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Neck pain, pinched nerve, herniated disc in the cervical spine, neck stiffness, muscle spasm, stenosis, degenerative osteoarthritis, trigger points, muscle k…

[WATCH]: The Best Exercises for the back for "LOWER" ABS & FAT LOSS in , How to Relieve

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Lower Back Pain Program Click Here Learn how to exercise and work out …