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Treat Low Back Pain With Regular Exercises

Low back pain- is it a major problem? Or a big hullabaloo of small itch in the back side? Well, back pain in your low back side may seem small initially but with time it is sure to take a long cut on your health.

Big problems arrive on account of small negligence. A stitch in time saves nine! You know about these goody goody things in life. Yet you don’t act in time to translate these clich├ęs into reality. There are so many small things that you need to do well in time! Failing which, the damages could be colossal!

I tell you what happened with my friend some time back. He wanted to change the old clutch-wire of his scooter but delayed the replacement for unnecessary reasons. One day in the busy stretch of the road, the wire broke, the brakes failed, he hit a stationery truck. His life was saved, but he suffered multiple fractures in his right hand, required hospitalization for more than 45days and the hospital bill, at the end of the treatment was $ 4,000. The cost of the clutch wire was $ 1. The balance of $3,999 he paid for his negligence.

Similar is the case with your lower back pain. Initially you may ignore it thinking that I sit in the office for the whole day. Probably it is due to that! Or, cutting on the regular exercising regime is the simple cause of it. Or for that matter you can think of hundreds of things that have caused back pain to you. Still, whatsoever be the cause you need to adopt the right style of living to combat the back problem.

In the initial stages of the back pain, sleeping on a hard mattresses, and exercising will help you to some extent. But here, you need to be regular. If you skip the exercise schedule, you will have lower back pain with severe intensity.

Now, to find a permanent solution in the physical exercises, start with jogging. It may be difficult at the initial stages, but keep on persisting. You can also go for water aerobics as it is also helpful in treating the lower back pain.

Physiotherapy is the best treatment for the lower back pain, but don’t presume the level of your back pain and take your own judgment. Consult your physician and get the correct diagnosis for your problem. There are many types of treatment options for the back pain. You need to decide which one is suitable for you at your level. You must get relief within two weeks of starting the treatment, but if the pain persists, you may require to undergo surgery.

The modes of treatment are simple to start with. Rest adequately and do the exercises regularly. Acupuncture and chiropractic practice are also the accepted modes of treatment. But the best thing is to understand your problem and go ahead with the line of treatment which you consider suitable for you.

But, don’t make pills and medication, the regular habit. The naturally treated pain relief, without the fear of side effects, is good and everlasting!

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