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Herbal Remedies for Joint Pain that You Must Know

A great many people around the world suffer from joint pain on a daily basis. Joint pain is basically inflammation of the surrounding tendons and ligaments. The drug industry has made billions of dollars supplying pain relief medications to these folks. While these drugs sometimes work, in some cases the side effects are worse than the joint pain itself. There are also dietary supplements that have been touted to relief joint pain. The two most commonly recommended of these supplements is Rumatone Gold and Chondroitin. For many years Rumatone Gold has been the number one selling treatment for joint pain in the United States with Chondroitin a very close second. The use of these two supplements by arthritis and other joint pain sufferers has had mixed results. 

Many people have found relief from their joint pain through herbal remedies, natural type pain relief that has none of the adverse side effects that some drugs can have. In fact, there are many doctors that will recommend a more natural approach to joint pain relief.

There are medical studies that have documented very positive results in the use of herbal remedies in the relief of joint pain. 

As the term herbal suggests these remedies are derived from plants. There are commercial herbal remedies and there are homespun herbal remedies. An example of a commercial remedy is Rumatone  Gold which is herbal oil. While Rumatone Gold has been proven to work in many cases there are many herbal remedies that utilize substances that are a person may already have in their home. Like papaya seeds, a tea made from these seeds has been known to relieve joint pain for some sufferers. Porridge made of a mixture of molasses, winter cherry and ghee may also be effective. Turmeric in hot milk is another herbal type remedy. Honey mixed with apple cider vinegar or a mixture of garlic cloves fried in butter may be effective as well.  

While all of some of these herbal remedies may sound a bit strange, to someone that suffers from joint pain they may sound that strange at all. Those folks that have suffered from joint pain for many years may be willing to try just about anything to get relief from this pain that can at times be very debilitating. To these people smelling up the house by frying up some garlic may be a small price to pay for even a brief bit of relief from the pain.

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Orthotics: How They Can Help Plantar Fasciitis Due to Fallen Arches

Why Do We Need Orthotics?

An average of 70
percent of people all over the earth deal with an ailment called
over-pronation, something that can be the culprit for painful
conditions as time passes. Some patients overpronate more than others.
The reason why so many people have flat feet is because of the flat,
hard surfaces we walk on daily. Also, age, weak ankle muscles and body
weight play a role. For this reason, over-pronation is much more
prevalent in adults in their 50’s and above, and also in people with
excess weight.

For lots of individuals, over-pronation doesn’t
pose a real problem, specifically for younger people. However, improper
foot function caused by over-pronation will cause a variety of issues
including plantar fasciitis, heel pain, heel spurs, metatarsalgia – even knee pain and low back pain!

Orthotics correct the problem of over-pronation and can help lessen or get rid of many common aches and pains caused by flat feet
and other ailments of the foot. Orthotic insoles are not expensive,
costing between $30 and $40 per pair. Purchasing a pair of orthotic
inserts can be a worthwhile investment in your health, because they can
also help avoid many future biomechanical problems.

What Exactly Are Orthotics?

insoles are products which are put inside the shoes with the goal of
restoring our natural foot function. Many common ailments such as heel
pain, knee pain and low back pain are caused by poor foot biomechanics.
Biomechanics is the science of movement and observes the motion of our
bodies while running, walking, and performing sports. The most common
kind of abnormal foot biomechanics is over-pronation. It involves
falling of the arches and the turning in of the feet and ankles. On
average, 70% of people experience over-pronation to varying degrees.
Orthotic insoles fix over-pronation and realign the foot and ankle
bones to their neutral position, reestablishing the original foot
function. At the same time, this will help ease issues not merely in
the feet, but also in other sections of your body, particularly the
lower body such as the knees, hips and lower back.

What is the Difference Between Orthotics and Regular Insoles?

There is a great difference between average insoles and arch support inserts.
Standard insoles are only designed to give a cushioning effect and
shock absorption. They may feel comfortable at to start, however they
do not focus on any biomechanical issues i.e. they do not relieve
over-pronation. On the other hand, orthotic inserts are operative
devices, created to correct and optimize our foot function. Some
insoles also include an arch support, but often the support is
insufficient, especially if the insoles are made of yielding materials.

So how do orthotic inserts exactly work? To beging with,
orthotic inserts do a lot more than giving support to the arches.
Orthotic insoles bring back the correct position of the feet and ankles
and restore normal foot function. Additionally, orthotic inserts
provide a more even spread of our body weight, keeping pressure off
tender spots (e.g. the heels, the ball of the foot, corns in between
toes and bunions). Additionally, they provide a certain degree of shock
absorption, but this not their chief goal. The main intention of
orthotic inserts is to improve foot function. In many situations, this
will lessen pain in the feet and help stop future troubles and damage.

Foot pain is a major problem among many people today. Plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and chronic foot pain are common foot health problems that people face today. Many of these foot health problems
can be relieved by wearing Footminders foot care products. You can find
more information and treatment for many types of foot pain at

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