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Cancer patients who quit smoking will endure less pain

by Jeff Jurmain


Smokers are probably told to quit smoking every time they read an article about nicotine or walk into the physician’s office. Here is another way of looking at it. A new study has found that cancer patients who keep smoking actually feel far more pain than cancer patients who do not smoke.

A cancer diagnosis is not the death sentence it once was, and therapy has improved in leaps and bounds over the past two decades alone. Smokers diagnosed with cancer may keep lighting up to relax or, in a way, kind of throw in the towel. But quitting could be the  ticket to saving your life or at least improving your quality of life. And to get smokers started in that direction, here is direct evidence that you will not be in as much pain if you toss that cigarette container in the trash.

The study is in the new issue of “Pain.” Researchers found that, for a wide range of cancer types and for cancers in stages I to IV, smoking was associated with more severe pain, as well as a worse impact on a patient’s daily life.

The researchers believe that it’s important to explore smoking and pain in greater detail in a range of cancer patients to help illustrate further benefits of smoking cessation. The theory was that cancer patients who smoked would report greater pain, pain interference, and pain-related distress than non-smokers or former smokers.

They looked at 224 patients with a range of different cancers. In them, they found that current smokers experienced more severe pain than people who had never smoked, as well as more interference from pain in their daily lives. Among former smokers, evidence was found that suggests that quitting smoking may reduce pain over time.

The major strengths of this study are the varying types of cancer that were involved and the stages of disease. Though more research is needed (as always) to understand how nicotine relates to pain, doctors and patients should work together to aggressively try to quit the dangerous habit of smoking.

Apart from pain, quitting has been found to improve the overall treatment response and quality of life.

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Joint Pain Signs and Symptoms That You Should Know

Today in every part of this developing world there exist common problem of joint pain. This condition is not a disease but only a symptom. But eventually it has become a part of every body’s life and especially aged people get affected by this problem. It may be also defined as the symptom or condition of inflammation or the bursa which is a fluid filled space. This condition is also known as arthralgia and it can affect one or more joints. Mostly the joints of legs and arms are commonly affected. The problem of pain in the joint is experienced by most of the people in their lives.

Numbers of conditions or injuries are responsible for the problem of pain in the joint. They may be rheumatoid arthritis which is an autoimmune disease and involves stiffness in the joint. The other cause is osteoarthritis which involves painful bone spurs and degeneration of cartilage in a joint. Usually it affects the adults of 45 years and above. Some infectious diseases like measles and mumps also cause the problem of pain in the joint. 

Some of its main and common causes of this signs and symptom are –
1. Excessive strain on the joint.
2. Injury to joint.
3. Inflammation of the bursa known as bursitis.
4. Inflammation of the tendons which supports the joint called as tendonitis.
5. Inflammation of joints which is known as arthritis.

Sometimes the joint pain may be quite bothersome but in some case it may be unbearable. Whatever may be the cause of the joint pain, the intensity of the pain and its duration is variable in different case. The pain starts increasing with the use of the affected joint. The other signs and symptoms of the joint pain are numbness, weakness, sleeping difficulties and tingling. Sometimes the signs and symptoms of pain in the joints are also accompanied by lack of energy and depression. In many case the pain lasts for more than six months. In this case and condition, the problem of pain in the joint is considered to be chronic. It is very difficult to treat the chronic pain of joint.

In some cases, conventional medical treatments may help in relieving the signs and symptoms of joint pain. In many cases, natural medicine treatments are also very effective. It eliminates the pain permanently by the treatment like Prolotherapy. For many joint pain especially caused due to gout, diet also plays an important role in increasing and reducing the problem. In many case, exercise, yoga and walking are also very effective.

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