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Side effects of the pain killer Codeine

Codeine is a pain-killer that is extremely popular with a great number of users around the world and there is no doubt that there is a legitimate reason for people to use and take this form of medication. There is a huge problem with pain-killers though in that people can become quickly addicted to them and find that their benefits wear off over time. This is because the user will quickly develop a tolerance to them meaning that if the user wishes to experience the same feeling they had when initially taking the drug, they need to take a higher dosage to do so. Any drug which encourages a higher level of use on a growing basis carries a great number of dangers, both in the short-term and long-term.

The short-term dangers of over using pain-killers are that people can fall into a dream like state where they are unable to respond quickly and become sheltered to what is actually happening. This numbing of the emotions is obviously attractive to people who are experiencing troubles or difficulties in life but it can also be very dangerous as they do not know when they are experiencing pain. This may mean that people do not seek medical help when something occurs, which can be very dangerous and could ruin a persons life in the long term.

One of the negative side affects that can arise, although that may not be the best term to use, from taking Codeine could be a loss of sex drive. Many men who have taken this form of medication have come to realize that they have encountered difficulties in obtaining and then maintaining an erection. This is extremely embarrassing and can be highly damaging for a relationship so this is a side effect that many people would wish to avoid. Some men would find it difficult to think of any ailment that would affect their confidence more than being unable to have sex which makes taking Codeine a far more difficult activity to consider than people would first think.

As well as this embarrassing problem, it is common for users to suffer from an increased level of vomiting or constipation. Although neither of these conditions is fatal, they are likely to severely impact on a person’s life, making it more difficult for them to leave the home, virtually placing them under house arrest. These conditions can be negated through taking other forms of medication but that then opens up the risk of the different forms of medicating reacting badly.

It is very common for people who take a cocktail of drugs to experience reactions that were not described in advance and this is because of the way that the medicine they are taking mixes in their body. It is recommended that ppain killer Codeine is not to be taken alongside other drugs but alcohol and depressants are extremely dangerous and should not be mixed together. If a user is taking a large number of drugs, the chances of them reacting badly are high and this is definitely the case when taking this particular drug.

Pain-killer abuse is one of the most common forms of drug abuse but because many can be bought over the counter, people do not think it is a serious condition. People who are suffering from this condition usually start off as normal people just looking to alleviate some of the pain they are suffering but then quickly find they become addicted. Not everyone is aware of the difficulties that come about with taking this form of medication which means there is a need for information. Narcomundo attempts to provide the information and details people need to make the right choice for them and their health.

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Neck Pain Upon Waking Up, What You Can Do to Help

            No matter how you look at it there are only two things that can cause your neck to hurt worse in the morning than when you went to bed. These two things are:

1) Your pillow

2) The position you sleep in

or both.

            If you increase the strain on the tissues of your neck at night then you will wake up with your neck hurting in the morning. The above are the only two things that can do that while you sleep.

            Your pillow is often the key. If you sleep on your back all or most of the time then you want a thin pillow. Why? You do not want your head pushed forward all night. This will cause to much strain on the tissues of the neck all night and you will wake up hurting.

            If you sleep on your side all or most of the time then you want a pillow that is tall enough and firm enough to keep your head and neck straight in line with your spine. If the pillow is too soft or too short your head will fall down. If the pillow is too tall your head will be pushed up. Both of these are like walking around all day with your ear on your shoulder all day. Your head and neck need to be straight in line with your spine just like when you are sitting or standing. The height and density of your pillow are what control this when you sleep on your side.

            If you sleep on your stomach you must sleep with your head turned to one side all night. This is like walking around all day with your head turned to one side. Try that and see how you feel at the end of the day. Sleeping on your stomach will always cause this type of a neck problem eventually as it causes excessive strain on the tissues for a prolonged period of time.

            To break the habit of sleeping on your stomach just put a large pillow in front of you and one in back of you or one on each side of you to prevent you from rolling either direction on to your stomach. This will help to break the habit of sleeping on your stomach.

            The above corrections will often solve the problem of neck pain when you wake up when done properly, when they don’t you need professional help.

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