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Go Easy with Home Remedy for Menstrual Cramps




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 It is a natural phenomenon in which every woman faces the
menstrual cramps because of the body gets into various psychological and
physical changes. These menstrual cramps bring lot of discomforts and problems
for the body. Many doctors suggest walking a bit if you don’t want to suffer
from the pain because walking helps smooth circulation of pelvic organs. Always
walk with relaxing your brain, arms and hips.

A trusted home remedy for menstrual cramps can help you
avoid pain during menstruation cycle. Food is the most important thing we
consider most because it not only provides necessary nutrients to our body but
also provides immunization power to fight against various diseases.  If we consider diet for menstruation cramps,
take foods such as whole grain breads, pasta and cereals, fiber and protein,
and other such foods which are rich in carbohydrates. In such condition, a bath
with warm water or heat pad may be very beneficial. It is always good to relax
muscles by putting heating pad on the back to reduce the pain.

One most popular home remedy for menstrual cramps is to consume
calcium rich foods because calcium maintains the muscle strengthness. The lack
of calcium leads to sever pain in muscled and makes the menstruation cycle more
painful and difficult. Black cohosh is also known to provide instant relief in
menstrual cramps. It can be taken in several forms including dried root, crude
plant, or rhizome, or as dry powder extract.

Menstruation cycle is a natural cycle and with the help of
a proven home remedy the pain in menstruation cramps can be reduced

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Home Remedies for Jaw Pain, Jaw Ache, Simple Yet Effective

Jaw pain or Jaw Ache can arise because of various reasons, ranging from external injuries that may have occurred because of an accident etc. or because of some internal problem or disease such as sinus, infection, development of jaw cysts, problem of an enlarged jaw etc. Sometimes, excessive habit of nail biting too can cause a problem of jaw ache. Apart from the medicines that a medical practitioner may prescribe, there are some home remedies too which one can use to effectively reduce the pain and cure the problem. In case the situation is not very serious, then these home remedies eliminate the entire problem altogether in a very few days. 

Hot and cold compresses are particularly very effective. Just alternating these compresses for duration of 15 minutes each helps to effectively reduce the pain and discomfort. On doing this regularly, the entire pain will vanish in just few days. Also, apart from these compresses, regular massaging is very important on the affected area. It relaxes the muscles and gives a lot of comfort and ease the pain. In case you find a problem doing this on your own, then you can consult a professional physiotherapist for the same. Doing this twice a day is really good.

The jaw of course needs rest when it is under pain, so it is best to limit its usage as much as possible. Do not pressurise it in anyway, and if eating hard and solid foods is a problem, then switch over to semi solid foods which are easy and comfortable to chew. Also, get rid of junk food for a little while so that the recovery happens faster. 

Regularly gargling with salt mixed in hot water is also recommended to ease out the pain. This, if done properly, will help a lot in recovery. You might think that it is a very simplistic technique and might not be very effective, but the ancient Egyptians used to follow this technique, and till date, many doctors and medical experts recommend it. So if you are suffering from jaw ache, then you can always trust this home remedy without any hesitation. 

Another thing that you must definitely do when suffering from jaw pain is to increase the amount of foods in your diet which are rich in calcium. This will help to strengthen the jaw muscles and will make sure that future such problems do not occur. 

When bathing, make sure that your bath tub is filled with hot water and that you stay in it for a little while before you come out of it. Also, your face should be immersed in it so that the hot water is in immediate contact with your jaw. That will again help to improve the circulation of blood near that area, and will ease the pain and discomfort. 

You can also consult a doctor for some simple jaw exercises that will help you to move your jaw comfortably, and will also help in curing the problem as quickly as possible.

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