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Causes of Painful Lovemaking (Dyspareunia), Pain During Sex

Dyspareunia is a term for painful lovemaking or the pain during sex. Many women experience pain at some point which can occur just before, during or after the sexual lovemaking.

The symptoms of this condition may be associated with pain during penetration, new pain, pain during inserting a tampon, burning pain, thrusting pain or aching pain. Superficial pain or pain that occurs during penetration is most common in women with dyspareunia. 

The causes for painful lovemaking or pain during sex can be as follows:

1. Vaginal Dryness: Dryness of the vagina may often lead to painful sexual lovemaking. Normally there is lubrication in the vagina which makes penetration of the penis easier. Lack of lubrication leads to dryness which may be caused by early penetration before enough stimulation, nervousness, tension, anxiety about the sexual performance, usage of condom without a vaginal lubricant or due to hormonal imbalance.

2. Vaginal Irritation: Vaginal irritation may be caused by certain products that contain irritants like vaginal sprays, foams, jellies or creams, scented tampons, condoms, latex gloves, soaps or laundry detergents. Excessive vaginal douching may also cause irritation in the vagina leading to pain during sex.

3. Vaginal Tightness: Tightness in vagina may result in difficult penetration and this happens when the woman is not relaxed and tensed. Vaginismus is the condition of involuntary muscle spasms causing vaginal tightness and therefore painful lovemaking.

4. Pelvic Pain: Tears in the ligaments that support the uterus, cervical infections, tubal infections, cysts, fibroids or endometriosis can cause pain in the pelvic region. This may result in dyspareunia or painful lovemaking

5. Clitoris Pain: Clitoris pain may be caused due to result of rubbing or touching. This can be due to collection of vaginal secretion under the clitoral hood if not washed properly. 

6. Vulvodynia: This is a condition of stinging or burning of the vulva and vagina. 

7. Injury: Injury from a surgery or an accident can cause pain during sex.

8. Skin Disorder: Skin problems like eczema in the genital region can also be a problem.

Emotional factors like anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress, sexual abuse, trauma and fear of intimacy may lead to dypareunia. 

The doctor may perform a pelvic examination to check for infection or irritation and inquire about your medical history. Pelvic ultrasound or laparoscopy may be advised under certain conditions. Medications and therapies are available for the treatment of painful lovemaking as follows:

1. Estrogen Therapy: Dyspareunia that is caused by lack of lubrication due to low estrogen levels can be treated with estrogen therapy using prescription cream, vaginal ring and tablets.

2. Treating Medical Conditions: An underlying medical condition or infection may be the cause of pain during sex and treatment of the condition is required. 

3. Desensitization Therapy: Vaginal relaxation exercises and pelvic exercises like kegels may be used in this treatment method. This will strengthen your pelvic muscles and ease the painful lovemaking condition.

4. Counseling: It is important to bond with your partner well and communicate freely and openly to talk about your sexual problems. Counseling or sex therapy may help to overcome the emotional factors involved.

Avoid using perfumed products near your genital area and maintain clean hygiene to avoid the condition of dyspareunia.

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Choosing a web host is like choosing a place to eat, you want quality food with good, honest service.

If you are anything like me, you’d probably like to have a website on the Internet but you just have no idea how to go about it. All this talk of web hosting, bandwidth, disc space, and other jargon can cause one to say, “This is too complicated and technical, I just wanted to have a place to put all of my favorite skateboarding photos, cool information on ramp designs, and the best places to skate!” To get a website on the Web you have to go through a web host. The question is how do you find the web host for you?

If you type ‘web host’ into your search engine like Google you will get thousands of sites. Hit on one of these and like any product on the market you will see all sorts of persuasive propaganda to incite you to use their company; that is if you can decipher any of the technical jargon that only computer-heads can comprehend. Some web hosts offer free business cards with an account; some probably offer free watches…like all consumer industries you the buyer must beware.

I’m a writer so I’ll use the analogy of a writer’s journal. The journal I like must not be too big or small in book size. It also must have a good amount of space allocated to each day, again not a whole page but not just a few lines. Of course I also want it to be cheap but of a good quality that won’t fall apart while I’m using it, and I hope it would last for posterity. I just want the diary, some nice pictures in it are O.K. but unnecessary especially if it adds to the price.

It’s the same with a web host and web site scenario. You want to get the right deal for you, enough space and enough access to the public that you wish to associate with. As a novice who doesn’t understand all the jargon this can pose a problem. Are you an individual, small business, blog, or a big time corporation? What do you need and how do you get it?

As far as I can tell the web hosting business is a lot like the fast food business. The big corporations have strict guidelines, will offer you special deals, and have monthly ‘cheeseburger specials’. But, I’ve always been more interested in the ‘Mom and Pop’ small time diners who have that real caring human approach. You know you are a customer and a person, not just a number on a sales receipt. I believe the hosting companies are the same.

A smaller hosting company will probably treat its users with more honest integrity as well as having more flexibility in dealing with your individual situation. They can often tailor web site packages to accommodate exactly what you are looking for as well as the ability to update them quickly when your needs change.

My advice is to contact a few of the smaller companies. Look for ones with good reputations or just arbitrarily email them and compare results from different places. Which one do you feel most comfortable with? Go for it; ask as many questions as you can, see how the different hosts differ in their answers. Try one; if it doesn’t work out try another, it’s really easy to move around. Don’t be afraid, you’ve got nothing to lose except the fear itself!

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Home Remedies To Relieve Arthritis Joint Pain And Swelling

Getting relief from joint pain trouble is not a difficult task at present. Today, you can find a fantastic source of remedial measures to treat joint pain troubles. Here are some of the home remedies for arthritis joint pain. We will start with natural supplements like glucosamine products. Regular inclusion of glucosamine products is found to be very effective to improve the flexibility of joints and muscles. Glucosamine products are found to be very effective for the treatment of healthy functioning of muscles and cartilages.

Similar to glucosamine, chondroitin is another great cure for treating many health issues like joint ache. Supplements enriched in chondroitin generally make use of nutrients to build up muscles and cartilages in body. Fish oil is another safe remedy to get rid of joint pain troubles. You can make use of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil to get rid of joint ache troubles in body. For the best result, make sure that the product containing fish oil is devoid of substances like mercury.

Acupuncture is a common remedial measure recommended to treat joint pain troubles. You can make use of single use and safety needles to do this treatment. Here, the physician is making use of a set of sterilized needles to provide therapeutic effect on body. Needles used for acupuncture are inserted on specific parts of the body to heal diseases. Today, acupuncture is one of the best recommended remedies for treating osteoarthritis.

At times, drinking a cup of burdock root tea is found to be very effective to treat joint pain and inflammations. You can easily make use of burdock root tea two to three times per day. Here, burdock root is renowned for delivering amazing health benefits like enhanced immunity health and increased mobility of joints. If you are pregnant, get guidance from health expert before making use of this health drink in diet.

Flaxseed, enriched with omega-3 fatty acid is one among the best recommended cures to treat inflammatory diseases. You can make use of this natural cure without cooking. Flaxseed oil is a common cure suggested to people under all age groups. Turmeric, enriched with curcumin can help you to provide maximum anti-inflammatory property. It assures safe health result devoid of side effects naturally.

Licorice root is another anti-inflammatory medicine that can improve the health of body joints. Generally, glycyrrhizin in licorice is responsible for providing anti-inflammatory property to this herbal cure. It prevents swelling and reduces the risk of health issues naturally. Today, you can find a wonderful array of herbal cures in online stores to treat inflammatory diseases. Rumatone Gold oil is one among the best recommended cures to treat arthritis trouble.

Today, you can also get this herbal cure in capsule form. It assures safe health result devoid of side effects. Rumatone Gold products can be suggested to people under all age groups. To get effective result, make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle devoid of habits like alcohol consumption. If possible, try to include food items enriched with magnesium and calcium in daily diet.

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The key to stopping extreme emotional pain

If you are in extreme emotional pain, please answer this: who is your worst enemy?

Who is the one hurting you?

Most of the time the only person hurting you is yourself.

Before you react, please let me explain.

A lot of things happen to us over the course of life. It is normal to feel hurt and upset. As it all piles up, or if the injury is deep, it is natural to feel this extreme emotional pain. There is nothing wrong with it, we are all only human.

But often times, emotional pain comes after the event, whatever it is. Someone insulted you, betrayed you, hurt you, abused you, or lied to you?

Your natural reaction at that very moment is most likely to be out of your control, unless you’ve been practising self control for a while.

When does the pain come?

But when does the real pain kick in? Most likely, it’s after the event. That is when all the thoughts come in. “I can’t believe he did that!” “Why me? What did I do?” “She shouldn’t have done that!”

And then you stew about it, you get upset. Your thoughts feed your emotions. Your emotions feed your thoughts in a vicious cycle. It spirals into emotional pain, and sometimes into depression and anger. How long does this aftermath go for? Hours? Days? Years?

These are hours, days, months, and years that you could have spent in happiness instead of emotional pain.

Cut it off at the root

So who’s your worst enemy? Your ego, your uncontrolled thoughts.

In Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, it is recommended that you switch these thoughts around. Replace a negative thought with a positive one. That’s a great idea, and it worked wonders for me when I was in depression. But often times when the emotional pain is extreme and intense, we don’t remember or don’t feel like switching thoughts. So what then?

Turn off the thoughts. Cut off the trouble at the roots. Switching off your thoughts requires practice, for thinking has become a habit. A couple of good ways to do this is to watch your breath. Just be still and feel it. Feel the sensation as it enters your nose, down into your chest. It occupies your mind and stops the thoughts for the mind cannot do two things at once.

Once you have done this, the emotions have nothing to feed off. But they won’t die straight away. It’s like a camp fire, after you’ve put out the flame, the coals will still be warm for a while more. Give it some time and wait for the emotions to cool down as well.

Switch to the positive

It is only then that it is feasible to switch your thoughts from the negative to the positive, and change extreme emotional pain into something more pleasant.

Get into the habit of practicing this every time you feel upset. If your emotional pain is extreme and constant, as it can be in depression (24 hours of misery a day), then it’ll take a lot of practice. But keep it up. The results will be peace and happiness at last.

Live in bliss and find success in any calling!
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What Causes Upper Back Pain?

Besides accidental injury, a displacement of upper disc has been found to be among the leading causes of upper back pain. The parts of the body that are more frequently in motion are more susceptible to injuries, and since the upper back is quite stable in this regard, so the upper back is not easily hurt during lifting heavy objects. However, such condition as spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and herniated disc can indeed cause upper back pain. But it is not very common.

What has emerged as one of the most common causes is rather simple- wrong posture. That may sound quite an unlikely cause at first, but sitting for long hours in wrong posture can have disastrous affect on your back. And upper back is what a poor posture affects the worst.

Another cause can be a lack of strength in the upper back region. If the muscles of ones upper back are not strong enough the chances of injury increases. Simple everyday tasks might injure ones back, without one even coming to know of it. So, if you think you have a weak upper back, start strength building exercises for upper back.

Repetitive motion has also been found to be injurious for the upper back. For instance, if you work on a particular machine in a particular posture and the repetitive movements on the machine involve your upper back, the chances of your suffering from upper back pain are heightened.

The best cure for upper back pain in such situations is building the strength of your upper back. Weight training exercises, coupled with stretching exercises and yoga are found to be very effective in this regard.

Go about exercising systematically and under informed guidance so that you do not injure yourself in an attempt to make yourself stronger. It is important for you to understand that painkillers are not the way to go. You need to remove the very roots of your back pain. Medication, therefore, should be your last option and not the first one. Correct posture and regular physical exercise is the most effective answer to upper back pain.

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