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Back Pain Treatment- the basic ways to get relief

The answer is right here, in this article. Over the years the back pain treatment has been carried out through orthopedists as well as chiropractors. But in this world of modern science and developed health industry, there are other options available as well such as rheumatologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons and nutritionists just to name a few.

You must be considering the above mentioned alternatives and thinking there should be something of a viable treatment. Then let me tell you that unfortunately, there is still nothing of such sort. The diagnosis is not the most accurate as one would like to have. This has lead to many unsuccessful treatments and the patients disheartened. Therefore I would say that these treatments are not the most effective treatments in the field of medical simply because these are low in execution.

However, it is to be said here that just like neck pain treatment, this treatment is not a difficult one to carry out. When your diagnosis is over, the medical practitioner will start the procedure to eliminate your back pain or reduce it to a manageable level. The pain relief will always be the primary objective in such cases. This will be done either through pain killers or through procedures that are carried out to relax the muscles.

The following step would be either physical therapy or chiropractic care. In this step you will be taught by the professionals such techniques which include sufferers stretching as well as proper postures and certain exercises so that you can avoid back ache problems.

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Migraine Pain | Wise Ways to Squash Migraine Pain


Nearly 30 million Americans suffer from the debilitating, life-altering pain of migraine. Learn what causes the throb and how to stop it.

Who Gets Migraine
It’s not clear why some people develop migraines and others don’t. If both your parents are migraine sufferers, there’s a 75 percent chance you’ll be one, too. If only one parent is, your risk drops to 50 percent. And if a distant relative complains of the headaches, there’s still a 20 percent chance you could end up a migraineur. (That’s the term used to describe a migraine sufferer.) Your gender may predispose you to migraines as well: Women are three times more likely than men to get this type of headache.

What Happens
“The brain of a migraine sufferer is inherently more sensitive than the brains of others,” says Fred Freitag, D.O., associate director of the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago—and himself a migraineur. “When this sensitive brain gets bombarded by outside and inside stimuli, cells in the cortex of the brain become hyperexcited and start a process of electrical discharge.” As electrical impulses spread across the surface of the brain, chemicals that dilate blood vessels and inflame surrounding tissue are released and kick into action. These chemicals trigger a series of events that eventually produce the throbbing pain (usually on one side of the head), nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound that are hallmark migraine symptoms. Before the headache comes on, about one third of sufferers also experience an aura—flashes of light, blind spots or zigzag lines, or tingling in the face and arm.

What Can be Done
Avoiding triggers is the first step to heading migraines off. Headache experts usually have migraineurs keep a diary for two to three months to identify foods, external factors and behaviors that might be making their heads throb. Then they’re ready for action. “If you that know certain foods give you a headache, avoid them,” says Dr. Freitag. Also, get on a schedule. Eat at regular times and go to bed and get up at the same time every day. If you go to bed at 11 and get up at 6 all week but sleep in on Saturday, your blood sugar will drop because you’re eating breakfast later. In addition, your internal clock gets thrown off. “Both can stimulate a sensitive brain,” says Dr. Freitag.

Eat a healthy diet. Magnesium-rich foods, such as whole grain breads and pasta, may help stave off migraines. And exercise regularly. Even 20 minutes of aerobic exercise a few times per week stimulates the production of endorphins, the brain’s natural painkillers. Relaxation training, acupuncture and massage can help, too. If these measures aren’t enough, ask your doctor whether you are a candidate for medication. The good news: With a little trial and error, experts say, you can usually find relief.

Trigger Effect

Experts have identified a slew of stimuli that can cause migraine attacks. These range from preservatives to perfumes to changes in barometric pressure. In women, hormone levels are often to blame. “Their hormones peak, drop during ovulation and then climb again, and then fall just before menstruation,” says Robert Kunkel, M.D., a consultant in the department of neurology at the Cleveland Clinic Headache Center. “It seems to be the fall of estrogen levels in the blood that excites brain cells, not hormone levels per se.”

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Causes And Remedies Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very crucial time period in the life of a woman. It is a joyous period but at the same time it can become a source of worry and uncertainty. Several changes occur in the body of a woman during pregnancy. Most of these changes have a direct or indirect effect on the spinal cord of the woman, which can later turn in to mild or severe back pain.

Both lumbar and posterior pelvic pain can occur in a woman after pregnancy. Many people believe back pain is a normal phenomenon during and after pregnancy. Wherein it is not. There are certain factors that cause pain in the back of a woman after delivering the baby. They are:

Weight gain: A woman can gain as much as a quarter of weight in her body during pregnancy. This kind of tremendous weight gain stresses the back of the expecting mother.

Change in the center of gravity: The weight that you have gained during pregnancy is carried in the front and the back portion of your trunk. This development leads to the change in the center of gravity in a pregnant woman.

Imbalance in the muscle: With the change in the center of gravity, there also occurs a muscular imbalance in the body. This imbalance in the body creates strain, especially on the back.

Fatigued Muscles: During pregnancy the muscles tend to fatigue soon. This results in poor postures of the body.

Hormonal surges: The hormones produced during pregnancy can create laxity in the pelvis. This hormone surge coupled with a change in the center of gravity gives rise to a decreased joint support.

Apart from these there are several other activities that can increase your back pain at the time of pregnancy. These activities create a pressure or load on the spine with the pelvis and hips. Some of these activities are walking, running, rolling on the bed, twisting, lifting heavy objects, bending forward and climbing stairs.

So to do away with your back pain problem, you need to follow a conservative management program. This conservative management effort should include appropriate exercises and the use of proper medications. All these efforts will promote and support your proper posture.

Apart from this, it is also important for you to pay regular visits to your physical therapist in case of prolonged and severe pain.

Always remember, back pain is common place during pregnancy but it should not be taken as a necessary part of it. Try to make your pregnancy as pleasant as possible. This will facilitate in easier delivery of the baby. So address your back pain as quickly as possible.

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Complete Information on Eagle's Syndrome

Eagle syndrome is medically name as the elongation of the styloid method and stylohyoid ligament calcification. Eagle syndrome is an accumulate of symptoms caused by an elongated ossified styloid process. This typically occurs with aging, and frequently results in sharp, irregular pain along the glossopharyngeal nerve that is found in the hypopharynx and at the base of the tongue.

Eagle syndrommay feel like something is stuck in one’s throat, and swallowing may be difficult. It may also be painful to turn one’s head. Pain during swallowing, opening the mouth or forking the head may also be experienced. Eagle syndrome can be treated both surgical and nonsurgical. But ,eagle’s syndrome can be successfully treated by surgery. Several transoral and extraoral-cervical ways to styloidectomy have been described. Transoral resection of the styloid process is perfectly easy to perform, it can be done with local anesthesia, it involves no extensive fascial dissection.

Transoral resection causes no outside scars; also, the length of both the operation and the recovery period is short. The risks of the transoral approach, which are low, involve the chance of a deep cervical infection and the possibility of a neurovascular injury during an attempt to leave as little remnant of the styloid process as possible. Nonsurgical treatments involves assure,, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, and steroid injections. Conventional medical treatments may help alleviate the symptoms of Eagle syndrome, but they do not address the core of the problem.

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Alternative Treatment: The Best Option For Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a common ailment, for the simple reason that most of the people invite it by their faulty living! Most of us are born and just walk up to the grave! We never apply our mind to the fact that this body mechanism requires proper diet and proper maintenance. Many a times, we eat just to satiate the taste buds. Hardly do we pay attention on the food and its affect on our health.

Still not worry at all. For, if you have a disease, the Nature has got a cure for you.

Natural treatment therapies like massaging and acupuncture help to take care of your back pain. Back pain of each individual is different. To some, these therapies have provided excellent results. Wherein, some have sought only a limited relief. But the good point is they have not harmed any.

The beauty and utility of such types of treatments is that they do not involve swallowing of countless pills of different hues and colors, and no piercing of your body with painful injections. They just take care about the proper functioning of the body mechanism.

When each part of the body does its allotted function perfectly, where is the scope for sickness? Only you need to help those parts in carrying out their assigned duties properly. Physiotherapy and exercises need to be viewed from this angle.

They give proper nourishment to your body without the eats! As for the back pain physiotherapy and exercises are the most sought after treatment options. The alternative medicines very effectively take care of the medicines, and give relaxation to the tensed muscles.

With the failure of most of the over the counter and prescription medications to find the cure for back pain, the alternative medicine has taken the center stage. One of the finest advantages of these systems is that there are no harmful side effects.

The World on the whole has realized the worth of these oriental traditional medicines. The 2000 years old Acupuncture, the Chinese System of medicine, is gaining popularity just because of its performance in the treatment of the back pain.

The alternative medicines are proving to be the original medicines for your back pain thus.

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