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Joint Pain Symptoms Causes, Remedies and Treatments That Work

Joint pain is a common disorder experienced by millions in varying degrees and due to various causes. Both children and adults suffer from this problem either from any physical injury, some internal disorder or due to aging. Age related joint pains or Arthritis comes in various forms and features that start showing its symptoms from the age of 50 reaching the peak at 75. Such pains can pose great problems leading to general debility. People suffering from osteoarthritis type joint pains go through agonizing moments due to severe attacks of pains that last for hours.

Main joints like shoulders, knees, hands, back and hips are mostly affected by this condition arising from Arthritis reducing the free movement to a great extent. Painful elbows, fingers, ankles and heels are also experienced by some due to this.


Many factors are responsible for this condition like –

1. The reduction of the synovial fluids due to aging that reduces the lubrication of the joints allowing more friction between the joints and thus results in the pain.
2. Natural wear and tear of the joints and weakening of the cartilage due to aging leading to osteoarthritis.
3. Autoimmune disease like Rheumatoid arthritis.
4. Drop in the estrogen levels in women after menopause.
5. Unhealthy food habits and life style that leads to gout.
6. Sprain and dislocation due to physical injury
7. Bursitis
8. Leukemia and bone cancer.


The symptoms of the joint pains vary a lot depending upon the locations and the causes behind them. General symptoms observed are as follows –

1. Swelling and inflammation of the joints that can arise due to arthritis or any physical injury.
2. Stiffness and tenderness in the joints.
3. Experiencing moderate or acute pain due to dislocation, fracture or arthritis.
4. Extreme difficulty in moving the joints.
5. Free movement gets impaired due to age related arthritis.
6. Experiencing difficulty in turning over in bed due to arthritis or spondylitis.
7. Patients suffering from osteoarthritis may experience creaking noise in the joints.
8. Fever, weight loss, fatigue, muscle aches along with the pain and inflammation of the joints is observed in case of Rheumatoid arthritis.
9. Joint pains in younger age may also result from bone tuberculosis, sickle cell anemia etc.
10. Localized severe joint pain and inflammation may be caused due to dislocation or sprain in the joints.

Remedies and Treatment

This involves –

1. Dietary and life style changes.
2. Taking anti- inflammatory drugs.
3. Massaging the affected areas with eucalyptus oil, menthol and camphor.
4. Supplements of herb Devil’s Claw is highly effective in treating this condition.
5. Hot and cold compress.
6. Physical workouts
7. Surgical procedures in some cases.

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Cure Your Joint Pain

Cure Your Joint PainZach BashoreApril 18, 2006 As we get older, our joints become more susceptible to illness and certain precautions need to be in place to counter the dangers known as osteoarthritis. Before you can even consider diagnosing your aching joints, you need to understand what is the major cause of the pain in the first place. This article is going to address that issue and common methods of treatment that should be considered. First, it is important to know what caused the pain in the first place. The most common reason for joint pain is that it was unusually exerted or even overtrained. It could also have been caused from an earlier strain or injury, or even a past disease such as the mumps or chickenpox. Other causes for aching joints are from autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, septic arthritis, and chandromalacia patellae. These problems may seem small at one moment, but they could all end up playing a destructive toll on your fragile body. It is important that you understand the difference between acute and chronic arthritis if you are looking for a diagnosis to your aching joints. Acute refers to conditions lasting fewer than eight weeks while chronic simply means that the pain lasts for a longer amount of time. Another important contradiction is understanding the difference between inflammatory and noninflammatory illness. Inflammatory disorders usually increase stiffness when resting, cause morning stiffness to last longer than forty-five minutes, and also has a better chance of swelling. Noninflammatory disorders are considered when morning stiffness lasts for less than fifteen minutes. You basically have four options to diagnose your aching joints. The most popular are NSAID, embrocations, analgesia, and supplementation. NSAID`s, embrocation`s, and analgesia are great treatment options, but I suggest that you consult a physician beforehand if you decide to take that route. However, if your aching joints are less severe, the following supplements are the perfect combination for over-the-counter relief:

Glucosamine Chondroitin Combo by Jarrow Formulas

Glucosamine 1500 w/ Chondroitin and MSM by Liquid Formulas

RRS-Enduro Joint by Unisex Joint pain is not only experienced by the elderly, but by athletes as well. Long distance runners, sprinters, soccer, basketball, and football players are all in danger of suffering from aching joints if they are not prepared. Joint problems can occur at any age so don`t think that just because you are young that you won`t develop aching joints. Be smart and take care of your joints. Until next time, later.


Is Exercise Effective in Reducing Knee Arthritis Pain?

For those experiencing knee joint pain, the idea of exercise can be daunting. The theory of improving strength around arthritic joints is that muscles work as shock absorbers, thus increasing strength will reduce joint stress. The good news about determining if exercise is helpful in reducing knee joint pain is that there have been numerous studies that have evaluated the issue. What have we learned?

In a study reported in the Journal of Arthritis Care & Research in Jan. of 2010, researchers found that after a 9-month strengthening program using weight machines, improvements in both physical function and decreased knee pain and disability were reported.

Another article published Feb., 2010 in Osteoarthritis Cartilage evaluated the benefit of doing hip strengthening exercises for reducing knee arthritis pain. In the study, 89 subjects participated in the 12 week program. The researchers found that although the strengthening program did not reduce knee stress loads, subjects did report decreased pain and improved function.

Strength training is not the only form of exercise that has demonstrated benefits for knee osteoarthritis. Tai Chi has been reported to be very effective in reducing knee arthritis pain. In 2009 alone, three separate studies evaluated the benefit of a Tai Chi exercise program on knee osteoarthritis with each study reporting decreased pain and functional improvements.

Aquatic or water exercise is also a frequent exercise recommendation for those with knee arthritis pain. A study reported in Physical Therapy compared a land based exercise program to a water based program. Sixty four subjects participated in an 18 week program. Results found that both the land and water based programs were effective in reducing pain and improving function. The water based program did have a greater improvement in walking tolerance.

Equipment and exercise classes are not the only way to reduce knee arthritis pain. A study in Arthritis Research and Therapy reported that a walking program of two bouts of 1500 steps each performed three days a week resulted in a significant reduction in arthritis pain and improved physical function.

Finally, for those that are concerned that exercise may damage rather than help knee arthritis, a Canadian Family Physician study found that moderate exercise does not accelerate knee osteoarthritis. It also found that exercise results in improved function, reduced disability, and diminished pain.

The answer to the question of “is exercise helpful in reducing knee osteoarthritis pain?” is a resounding YES. Exercise is effective in both reducing joint pain and improving function. Despite this fact, compliance to following an exercise routine continues to be a significant barrier. To help increase the likelihood of being consistent with an exercise program, find activities that you enjoy. Your knees will thank you for it.

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Janelle Trempe PT, ATC is a physical therapist and certified athletic trainer with 20 years experience in the treatment of orthopedic conditions. She currently works in a private physical therapy practice in California.

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Home Remedies To Relieve Arthritis Joint Pain And Swelling

Getting relief from joint pain trouble is not a difficult task at present. Today, you can find a fantastic source of remedial measures to treat joint pain troubles. Here are some of the home remedies for arthritis joint pain. We will start with natural supplements like glucosamine products. Regular inclusion of glucosamine products is found to be very effective to improve the flexibility of joints and muscles. Glucosamine products are found to be very effective for the treatment of healthy functioning of muscles and cartilages.

Similar to glucosamine, chondroitin is another great cure for treating many health issues like joint ache. Supplements enriched in chondroitin generally make use of nutrients to build up muscles and cartilages in body. Fish oil is another safe remedy to get rid of joint pain troubles. You can make use of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil to get rid of joint ache troubles in body. For the best result, make sure that the product containing fish oil is devoid of substances like mercury.

Acupuncture is a common remedial measure recommended to treat joint pain troubles. You can make use of single use and safety needles to do this treatment. Here, the physician is making use of a set of sterilized needles to provide therapeutic effect on body. Needles used for acupuncture are inserted on specific parts of the body to heal diseases. Today, acupuncture is one of the best recommended remedies for treating osteoarthritis.

At times, drinking a cup of burdock root tea is found to be very effective to treat joint pain and inflammations. You can easily make use of burdock root tea two to three times per day. Here, burdock root is renowned for delivering amazing health benefits like enhanced immunity health and increased mobility of joints. If you are pregnant, get guidance from health expert before making use of this health drink in diet.

Flaxseed, enriched with omega-3 fatty acid is one among the best recommended cures to treat inflammatory diseases. You can make use of this natural cure without cooking. Flaxseed oil is a common cure suggested to people under all age groups. Turmeric, enriched with curcumin can help you to provide maximum anti-inflammatory property. It assures safe health result devoid of side effects naturally.

Licorice root is another anti-inflammatory medicine that can improve the health of body joints. Generally, glycyrrhizin in licorice is responsible for providing anti-inflammatory property to this herbal cure. It prevents swelling and reduces the risk of health issues naturally. Today, you can find a wonderful array of herbal cures in online stores to treat inflammatory diseases. Rumatone Gold oil is one among the best recommended cures to treat arthritis trouble.

Today, you can also get this herbal cure in capsule form. It assures safe health result devoid of side effects. Rumatone Gold products can be suggested to people under all age groups. To get effective result, make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle devoid of habits like alcohol consumption. If possible, try to include food items enriched with magnesium and calcium in daily diet.

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Joint Pain Causes and Symptoms – Information That You Should Know

Joint pain can be caused by many reasons from moderate to serious. It can be a symptom of serious disease or disorder growing in the body and can happen due to relatively benign condition like joint or muscle sprain. It can be due to variety of reasons such as malignancy, trauma, infections, auto-immune disorders and other abnormal processes in the body.

Joint is a point where two bones meet. The ends of these bones are covered by the cartilages and the bones are held at a proper place by the ligaments and tendons. There is little space between the two bones in which synovial fluid is present which nourishes the cartilages and maintain their elasticity. Joint movement happens when muscles attached to these bones contract or expand. Cartilages and synovial fluid stop these bones from rubbing together and also work as shock absorbers. This is a delicate composition and any deviation due to injury, infection, swelling or other problems to any involved part can cause joint pain.

Some simple reasons for joint pain are over use of any particular joint, lifting heavy weight or sudden or jerky movement, any of which can sprain the muscles or ligaments to cause pain in the joint. Such pain can go away by applying mild pain relieving ointments or on its own

Mild infections like flu and viral infections may also promote joint pain however most of the time these infections are not serious apart from some types of viral infections which cause hepatitis B as these virus can infect synovial fluid between the bones of the joint to damage cartilages and promote swelling, redness and inflammation. Some bacterial and fungal infections can also cause pain in the joint.

Apart from moderate reasons like sprain and injury to muscles or ligaments there are few other causes of joint pain which are not so moderate. Ankylosing spondilitis is one the reasons which promote joint pain. This problem affects spinal area and area close to tail bone but can affect joints to cause pain and inflammation. Aching muscles caused due to muscle weakness or other disorders also causes pain in the joint as movement of joint is controlled by muscles.

Arthritic conditions also promote joint pain, osteoarthritis and variety of conditions of rheumatoid arthritis can cause severe pain in joints which may even restrict the movement of the joint and can be very debilitating. Some types of arthritic conditions caused by infections and auto-immune disorders can be life threatening. Arthritis caused due to any infection can infect the synovial fluid, can also cause cartilage damage and make ligaments lax. These conditions make the bones less protected during the movement to make joint immovable and cause unbearable pain.

Certain diseases can promote arthritic conditions which eventually cause joint pain. Fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, tendinitis, sickle cell disease are few such diseases. Gouty arthritis is one of the most frequently occurring diseases which also promote severe pain in the joint as crystals of uric acid flow in blood to damage the tissues of the joint.

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