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Stretching exercise for sciatic pain from sacroiliac joint dysfunction: Lumbar rotation – knee sways

This exercise targets: sacroiliac joint
For this exercise, you will need: an exercise mat

Lie down on the exercise mat. Your head, back and hips are resting on the floor. Both your knees are bent and your feet are placed flat on the floor.
With very limited motion, gently rock your knees from side to side. Make sure your thighs rub together, and your lower back remains still.

Always consult your spine specialist before starting any type of stretches and exercises.
Exercises for sciatic pain from sacroiliac joint dysfunction will help you restore the range of motion and alleviate irritation of the sciatic nerve.
Do not force the stretch, and make sure you feel comfortable while you’re performing it.
Include exercises for sacroiliac joint pain, such as “wall squats” to strengthen the muscles, in your routine pelvic stabilization.
Wall squats: Press your back against the wall and squat with your knees forming a 90 degree angle. Keep your weight on your heels. Repeat 10 times, 3 times a day.
Your doctor might also recommend pilates exercises, because they focus on stabilizing the pelvic girdle which, in turn, stabilizes the sacroiliac joint.

Number of repetitions:
Rock the knees for 30 seconds.

Duration : 0:1:42

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