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Back Pain: The Doorway Hamstring Stretch For Treating Back Pain

One of the first things we look at when a patient comes to see us with back pain is their hamstring flexibility. The hamstring is a big, strong muscle group on the back of the thigh, and its job is to bend the knee. These muscles attach to the pelvis, and since the pelvis is basically the platform on which the lumbar spine sits, overly tight hamstrings can “lock down” and immobilize the pelvis, preventing it from moving normally.

If pelvic movement is restricted, this can force the lumbar spine to try to “make up” for the missing movement and alter normal its movement patterns in the lower back, causing it to overwork and fail.

In this way, tight hamstrings can overwork low backs.

In this video we show you how to check your own hamstring flexibility as well as how to perform a doorway hamstring stretch if your range of motion is limited. NOTE: All stretches should be reasonably aggressive without being painful, and this includes back pain.

[My apologies for the camera work. I’ll have a better camera operator next time!]

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Mobility Exercises for Lower Back Muscle Strain Rehabilitation

After a muscle strain, it is common for all of the surrounding muscles to tighten up to protect the area and prevent further injury. These exercises can be used to help loosen the back after the initial acute period. For more information on lower back pain, visit:

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Lower Back Pain Relief- Immediate At-Home Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower Back Pain Relief is now very simple with Nayoya’s acupressure mat. Each mat has 6,210 acupressure points for easy lower back pain relief as well as neck pain relief.
The mat is lost priced, making it a very easy and affordable solution and lower back pain relief.

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Lower Back Pain | Discussion & Treatment [Full Length]

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James Steele (or James Steele II as he is known online and through his blog) is a 23 year old Lecturer and PhD Research Student at Southampton Solent University in the UK. James is an exercise scientist by profession having gained a first class honours degree in Applied Sport Science and during his time of study working with a wide range of elite athletic populations including; international Ironman triathlete’s, Paralympic wheelchair basketball and rugby, semi professional muay thai fighters and professional football (soccer). In addition he has worked with non-athletic populations including the elderly, diseased and a population that he is currently conducting research with; sufferers of chronic low back pain.

James is active as an academic pursuing his PhD research into chronic low back pain, its multifactorial symptoms and the effects of isolated resistance exercise for the lumbar extensors in treating it. He has also recently had a paper published with his colleagues, on which he was second author, presenting the scientific literature of resistance training and suggesting recommendations for its optimal implementation based upon the current evidence.

Despite his clear academic focus in the area of exercise science, James also has many other areas of interest on which he occasionally writes when the time permits at, one of these topics being philosophy. James has always taken an interest in the nature of the universe and man’s relationship to it yet never had a conceptual framework for which to understand it.

A few years ago whilst reading Mike Mentzers books on High Intensity Training James was introduced to a philosophical perspective on exercise based around reason and logic. It was from here that he was introduced to philosophy as a subject to study and more specifically Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. Since then James has dedicated time in his personal life to further his knowledge on all areas of philosophy, and specifically Objectivism, providing himself with an armchair philosopher’s perspective on the universe, man and life.

Visit James at

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Side (lateral) knee pain and low back pain exercise for runners, cyclists, and triathletes

Manny from explains the root causes of lateral knee pain and shows a simple exercise to eliminate the need for expensive kinesio style taping. Great for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes.

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